Things you should know about the Norton Antivirus Support Number

If you are spending good enough time on the network, you need secure online threat protection. Norton Antivirus, the most widely used Symantec security product, provides you with adequate protection against a broad range of malicious software. You can shop online, send an email to friends and chat in peace: your computer will be protected and updated at any time.

Norton Antivirus Customer Service

Norton Helpline Number to deal with scammers

Norton AntiVirus provides your computer with exceptional threat protection: its core technology, the Norton Protection System, uses multiple security levels that interact to block attacks and remove proactive threats, a result that traditional detection methods Viruses cannot reach.

Also, all downloads, applications, and files are processed before they can be used on the computer, and browser and operating system vulnerabilities are monitored by preventing threats from entering the system. Emails and instant messages are also scanned so that potential threats can be detected.

Norton 360 Support Number provides you with the best performance:

Lightweight and fast, it uses the Norton Insight feature that scans only the files at risk. This results in fewer scans and a consequent increase in PC performance.

The Smart Scheduler function starts scans only when your PC is idle.

  • The invisible mode automatically starts when you watch a movie or play networked: in this way, alerts, updates and scans are postponed to a later        date.
  • Power saving settings switch off high-energy energy activities until the computer is plugged into the power grid.
  • Norton Antivirus protects the PC from modern fast-forward attacks for which there is no recognition signature yet.
  • This is possible thanks to Norton Insight Network, which uses the Symantec Global Security Network to get information on new threats and prevent      it from reaching your computer.
  • Additionally, SONAR 4 technology utilizes online intelligence and proactive monitoring to detect and block new threats.
  • Finally, Norton Pulse Updates runs constant mini-updates of Norton AntiVirus threat databases, ensuring up-to-date protection.
  • Norton tech support phone number provides information about detected and eliminated threats.
  • Thanks to Norton Threat Insight, you will always be up to date with the risks that threaten your computer.
  • Norton Download Insight warns you in the case of dangerous download.
  • Norton helpline number helps your computer run at maximum speed with automatic and manual application optimization. The Norton Protection System provides multiple protection levels that interact to neutralize threats before they reach the user:

  • SONAR 4, a Symantec technology that detects malware based on application behavior.
  • IPS (Enhanced Intrusion Protection System): a system for protecting against multimedia attacks.
  • Browser protection for Internet Explorer and Firefox: prevents, for example, that browser vulnerability is exploited to install spyware or cause         system crashes.
  • Antibot protection: prevents hackers from taking control of the PC.
  • Norton™ Recovery Tool repairs infected systems and contributes to their reboot.

  • Signal Detection: This is the "traditional" method to detect threats on your computer, effective with threats that have already been identified regarding software reference codes. Norton AntiVirus compares the code of an application to known threats and, in the case of correspondence, immediately removes the application. This threat detection method fits with Norton Protection System, which focuses on so-called "rapid-spread" attacks, for which a signature has not yet been defined.