How to Secure Facebook with Norton Support?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and has a huge database of users. Every user doesn’t have positive intention on Facebook, some of them use their account to spread malware across the platform. This can affect several Facebook accounts. Apart from fraud users, there could much other reasons behind virus on Facebook. But this can be removed, controlled and prevented by the help of Norton internet security. It is a complete security suite for all internet users, whether on mobile or desktop.

These blogs help you secure your Facebook account with Norton internet security. Follow the steps consecutively and protect your Facebook account from security vulnerabilities.

  • First, log in to your account using your FB credentials and change password to ensure security.
  • Logout from your FB account.
  • Clean all cache, history, and other unnecessary .txt files from your device.
  • Enable Norton security to scan your system for all security threats and generate a list of Now choose all or one by one to delete virus infected utilities.
  • This will help you secure your social media by removing all virus or other malware and ensure your overall web security.

General tips to secure your Facebook account from virus and malware:

  • Do not add random people with less credibility factor.
  • Logout from your FB account when you are not using it.
  • Delete all cache and cookies time to time because it may create an entrance for the virus.
  • Do not click anything until unless you are sure about its reliability.
  • Do not get tempted by attractive ads.
  • Beware of spammers.
  • Keep your privacy settings updated.
  • Add latest recovery information to your account.
  • Enable two-factor
  • Keep checking your Facebook activities time to time and report if you find any unusual changes.
  • Report suspicious content.
  • If you find any fake id, and you are sure of it, block user immediately.

These security measures will definitely help you secure your account to a great extent but to add an extra layer of security to your social media account, install Norton Internet Security suite on your device.

More about Norton:

If you face problem while updating, renewing or any other glitch with Norton, contact Norton Technical Support Number. You will get instant support from Norton experts. The Norton Support is available throughout the day and night, so you can contact support team whenever you encounter any issue without waiting for the right time.

Norton Technical Support


Perks of calling Norton Phone Number:

  • The ultimate solution for your all Norton errors.
  • Help you upgrade your Norton product for better protection.
  • Around the clock support services.
  • A team of skilled and certified technicians.
  • Toll-free contact numbers.
  • Online assistance via email and chat.


In a nutshell, if you are active internet users and prefer Norton to secure your devices from security vulnerabilities, you can get assistance from Norton Support to the team to optimize your product and its performance. Also, you can avail assistance to recover your Norton product from all general and technical errors.

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